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Prescription eyeglasses online

Extra Optical AS has become one of Europe's top online opticians. Headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, we launched our first online eyeglass store as early as 2010. Extra Optical rapidly grew to become one of Europe's leading opticians on the internet. Our online eyeglass store is currently operating in six countries. Our goal is to make it easier, safer and more affordable for you as a consumer to purchase eyewear. Our ambition is to always provide the most affordable prescription glasses available, and to offer a broad assortment with frequent novelties. In many ways, we fight the consumer's battle as a disruptive, innovative player in a market that has been operating undisturbed for many years.

The average price of a pair of prescription glasses in Northern Europe is approximately 300 USD, and most people replace their glasses only every three years. At Extra Optical, you can afford multiple pairs of glasses without breaking the bank. Our customers usually buy more than one pair, and the average price is less than 50 USD. More than half of our buyers purchase three or four pairs of glasses in their first year as an Extra Optical customer. We take pride in providing good customer service, and with us, the customer is always right. Should you make a mistake when you order, or in the unlikely event that your glasses don't suit you, we will make a new pair for you, no matter the reason. And with our 30-day return policy, there's plenty of opportunity to try out your eyewear and to give your eyes the time they often need to adapt to new glasses.

As mentioned, we offer a large assortment of eyewear. You can choose from our collections of classic eyeglasses, retro glasses, and modern styles. If you're looking for designer glasses, we have those, too, of course: Ray-Ban glasses, Oakley glasses, and eyewear from other premium brands such as Carrera, Guess, Diesel and others.

Some people find it challenging to order eyeglasses online, but we've done our best to explain how to place your order. During the order process, you will find useful information in our menus and instructions. Make sure to have a copy of your prescription at hand. It's important for us to emphasize that when you've had a sight test with an ophthalmologist or optometrist, it's your right as a patient and customer (according to most countries' Patient Rights Act) to receive a copy of the results. The prescription is YOURS, and you can buy your glasses wherever you want. Extra Optical is an eyewear shop that offers all kinds of glasses, and just like other optical chains we can provide glasses for astigmatism, prism glasses and correction of other visual defects. We sell progressive glasses, reading glasses, prescription sports glasses and prescription sunglasses.

Our certified optometrist, Anne Bruland Høyen, will always be able to assist you with your order. Our competent customer service team members are, of course, eyeglass wearers too, and they know their trade very well. Feel free to call us if you have any questions, or if you need help with your order.

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  1. Hovedbilde av brillen Eika, fra eXo Selection. En rund, svart brille med hel ramme.
    eo Selection
    As low as 99€
  2. Mondy
    eo Selection
    As low as 59,50€
  3. Oakley Sutro
    Oakley Sutro
    As low as 149€


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