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Calvin Klein prescription glasses: Clean design, sporty elegance. Youthful, trendy and maybe a tiny bit rebellious? If you recognize yourself in this description, but still don't own a pair of Calvin Klein prescription glasses, don't miss the opportunity now.

The unmistakable Calvin Klein look is casual and carefree. The simple, but original logo fits the style to a T. Haute couture, jeans, underwear or eyewear for both sexes: Calvin Klein is a style icon, and the fashion house is considered to be one of the world's ten most valuable brands. Just like its clothing, Calvin Klein's eyewear collections exude vitality, individuality and a sense of humor. Whether you are the avant-garde type or prefer taking the retro style to new heights, a pair of Calvin Klein eyeglasses will top every outfit.

Calvin Klein: From the Bronx to the catwalk. Calvin Klein might be one of the world's major fashion houses, but its beginnings weren't exactly glamorous. Young Mr Klein grew up in the Bronx and had little esteem for a fashion industry which he considered pompous and self-important. Calvin Klein went to a famous fashion school, but never graduated. Instead, he learned his craft as an apprentice in a clothing company where he eventually worked his way up to become a designer. The people he hung out with in the Bronx liked simple styles and despised anything which smacked of pretension, so when he launched his own clothing line in 1968, he focused on clean, often minimalist designs. The same unpretentious style still characterizes Calvin Klein's collections, including the eyewear. Calvin Klein started to make glasses in 1996, and sold two million pairs in the first year.

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