carrera glasses on a bed of gravel and stones

Cool elegance with Carrera prescription glasses. Carrera eyeglasses are often retro-inspired but always contemporary, and come in both discreet and more eye-catching shades.

Are you looking for something rather formal? Try a pair of glasses with a sleek black frame for a sober, professional look. Would you rather emphasize your playful, experimental side? Select a frame with an unconventional color. No matter your style preferences, you'll find a pair of Carrera glasses which perfectly fit the bill.

Carrera: A passion for sport and excitement. Carrera has produced equipment for the fearless since 1956. The brand name was inspired by the famous (or infamous) car race Carrera Panamericana, which covers 3,000 kilometers and is considered the world's most dangerous race. Anyone could enter, but it took great ambitions (and perhaps a pinch of madness) to actually join in the action. The passion for sport and excitement has influenced Carrera's collections ever since. The brand has sponsored some of the world's greatest athletes, from skiers to motocross riders and racing cyclists. Take a look at the current eyewear collections from Carrera, and you'll recognize the legacy. "Passion makes us restless, curious and adventurous. It takes us to places we didn't know existed and gives us experiences we never expected," Carrera says. What's your next venture?

Buy Carrera prescription glasses at unbeatable prices. Carrera might be all about taking chances, but we honestly think you should spend your energy and your appetite for risk on something other than online shopping. How about honing your strategy for next year's Carrera Panamericana, or making a plan for how to beat your best mate at the upcoming park run? Meanwhile, here at ExtraOptical we'll keep our competitive instincts sharpened by making sure we always offer you the cheapest Carrera prescription glasses available. It's quick and easy to buy a pair of prescription glasses from our web shop. Select your Carrera frame, enter your prescription values or send us your prescription by email, choose add-ons if you want, and check out. That's it! A few days later, you'll receive your brand new Carrera eyeglasses by mail. What are you waiting for?

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