Use prescription swimming goggles for sharp vision below water!
Swimming goggles make it easy to keep your eyes open under water, so you can see where you're swimming and whether you're getting too close to someone else in the lane. But if your eyesight is less than perfect, ordinary swimming goggles aren't all that helpful.

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    Hovedbilde av brillen Plask, fra eXo Swim. En Rund, grønn brille med Hel ramme.
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    Hovedbilde av brillen Plask, fra eXo Swim. En Rund, rosa brille med Hel ramme.
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    Hovedbilde av brillen Plask, fra eXo Swim. En Rund, svart brille med Hel ramme.
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For a smaller amount than you think, you'll get a great pair of swimming goggles produced to order with your prescription values, fitted and quality controlled by our in-house optical dispensers. Here are a few testimonials from customers who purchased prescription swimming goggles from Extra Optical: "Very happy with the goggles, they're comfortable and fit snugly." "Good fit and no leaks. Great to be able to get them with vision correction." "Well suited for the intended use. Very satisfied." Try it for yourself!

Crystal clear vision in the pool and on the beach.

Nearsighted people may suffer the most from not seeing clearly in the pool or on the beach, but an-yone with less than 20/20 vision will experience improved comfort with prescription swimming gog-gles. If you're currently using ordinary glasses in the swimming pool, you're in for an eye-opening experi-ence. Swimming goggles make it much easier to swim with proper technique, they don't fog up, and you don't have to worry that your glasses will end up at the bottom of the pool. You can even jump and dive if you're so inclined! If you're used to wearing non-prescription swimming goggles, you'll also experience a world of dif-ference. No more harsh encounters with the edge of the pool, no more bouts of panic when you can't see where your kids are. Speaking of kids: Children who need vision correction will also benefit greatly from prescription swimming goggles, especially if they're still receiving swimming lessons.

Buy quality prescription swimming goggles online at ultra-low prices.

Extra Optical is a leading European online optician. We're a lean, internet-only business with very low operating costs, and our ambition is to always offer the cheapest possible prescription glasses — sports glasses included — without compromising on quality. The prices displayed in our online store include standard single vision lenses. We can also fit your swimming goggles with progressive lenses, and as one of only a few opticians we offer swimming goggles with correction for astigmatism. Placing the order is easy and hassle-free. Select a pair of goggles from the web shop, enter your pre-scription values or just send us your prescription by email, and receive your brand new swimming goggles by mail in a few days. Order a pair of prescription swimming goggles today and experience the difference!