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Sturdy prescription sports glasses for all kinds of ball sports!
Ball games are an awesome way to stay fit while having fun with your friends, but risk-free they are not—especially when you wear glasses. The risk of eye injuries is considerably higher than in other types of sports, and a ball field is no place for ordinary eyewear.

What to do? Turn to ExtraOptical of course! We've hand-picked a selection of sturdy goggles with unbreakable polycarbonate lenses for you. These glasses are specifically adapted to ball games, and we're ready to bet they can take more beating than you can! All our prescription glasses for ball sports have an elastic band which is fastened around the head to ensure that they stay in place, no matter how many flying elbows and sudden movements they are exposed to. Each frame also has a protective cushioning layer all along the inside which distributes the impact from knocks and bumps across the entire surface, minimizing the risk of injury.

Prescription sports glasses for every kind of vision correction.

No matter what kind of vision correction you need, ExtraOptical can make a pair of prescription sports glasses for your. The prices you see in our online shop include standard single vision lenses, but you can also order goggles with progressive lenses or correction for astigmatism, for example. Placing your order is quick and painless. First, choose your favorite frame—maybe a color that matches your team shirt? Next, add your lens power, pupillary distance and other information from your prescription. (If you find this step a little tricky, just email us your prescription and leave the rest to us.) Finally, you can choose to upgrade to a thinner lens for extra-light sports glasses or add accessories if you like. Your goggles will be produced to order and delivered to your mailbox within one to two weeks.

The cheapest prescription sports glasses you'll find.

ExtraOptical aims to offer prescription glasses (including sports glasses) at lower prices than anyone else, without compromising on quality. We purchase lenses and frames from the same suppliers as other opticians, but as an internet-only business we have much lower operating costs. That's why we can offer you top quality sports glasses at unbeatable prices! The vast majority of our customers totally love our sports glasses, but should you happen to be among the unlucky few who aren't thrilled, we promise not to take it (too) personally. If your sports glasses aren't meeting you expectations, you can ship them back within 30 days—no questions asked. Choose another pair of glasses instead, or get your money back. Convinced? Order a pair of sports glasses for your favorite ball sport today!

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        eXo Rough - Børøy
      2. 150 mm (Large)
        eXo Rough - Børøy
      3. 150 mm (Large)
        eXo Rough - Rongøy
      4. 150 mm (Large)
        eXo Rough - Færøy
      5. 150 mm (Large)
        eXo Rough - Rauer
      6. 140 mm (Large)
        eXo Rough - Vassøy
      7. 140 mm (Medium)
        eXo Rough - Lade
      8. 145 mm (Large)
        eXo Rough - Korsvik
      9. 136 mm (Large)
        eXo Rough - Ringve
      10. 141 mm (Large)
        eXo Rough - Värnamo

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