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Prescription ski goggles for phenomenal days on the slopes

Løsningen?Sharp vision is essential both for safety and enjoyment on the slopes, but it isn't easy to fit your ordi-nary glasses snugly and comfortably under your ski goggles or helmet. The solution? Prescription ski goggles! Say goodbye to the hassle of pinching temples and glasses askew, and welcome to full speed in the powder without even noticing you're wearing glasses at all. Our ski goggles have double lenses, where the inner corrective lens is attached to a protective front lens. The inner frame can easily be taken off for quick and convenient cleaning. We also offer a simple corrective insert which will fit most standard ski goggles as long as the inner dimensions are between 55 and 70 mm.

See well and look good with a pair of cool prescription goggles.

A good pair of ski goggles must provide more than just perfect vision correction: they also need to protect your eyes against UV radiation, glare and wind. All ski goggles in the Extra Optical web shop offer excellent UV protection. Goggles with brown and gray lenses work well in most conditions. Extra dark gray lenses are ideal for very bright, sunny days, while yellow, orange or pink lenses work best in flat light and cloudy or snowy weather. A large, curved lens provides a wide field of view, and inside padding will ensure optimum comfort even when you spend all day on the slopes. Last, but now least: We can't help you get better at skiing, but we can help with your looks! No mat-ter which model you choose from our store, our goggles will add a stylish touch to your skiing outfit.

Ski goggles for adults and kids at extraordinary prices.

Extra Optical is a leading European online optician. We aim to always offer the cheapest high-quality prescription glasses available, and that includes prescription ski goggles as well. Take a peek in our online store and see for yourself! The prices in our web shop include standard single vision lenses. Most ski goggles can also be fitted with progressive lenses. Should your vision change, it's possible to replace only the inner corrective lens so that you don't need to buy a new pair of goggles. Placing your order is quick and painless: Select your frame, add your prescription values (or just email us your prescription), and receive your goggles by mail in a matter of days. If for any reason your ski goggles don't meet your expectations, you have 30 days to return them and get a replacement or a refund. Click through to the web shop, select your goggles, and set off!

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    1. 160 mm (Large)
      eXo Alpine - Snørik
    2. 160 mm (Large)
      eXo Alpine - Loke
    3. 160 mm (Large)
      eXo Alpine - Kjøkøy
    4. 160 mm (Large)
      eXo Alpine - Aukøy
    5. 160 mm (Large)
      eXo Alpine - Kjøkøy
    6. 160 mm (Large)
      eXo Alpine - Kjøkøy
    7. 160 mm (Large)
      eXo Alpine - Flanøy
    8. 160 mm (Large)
      eXo Alpine - Idsal
    9. 160 mm (Large)
      eXo Alpine - Staulen
    10. 160 mm (Large)
      eXo Alpine - Staulen
    11. 160 mm (Large)
      eXo Alpine - Nordborg

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