Hello, and welcome to Extra Optical.
My name is Anne Bruland Høyen, and I'm Extra Optical's certified optometrist. Here I'll give you a quick overview of what our online shop offers you as a customer.
Thank you for shopping with us!


Safe and easy eyeglass shopping

We want you to feel confident that when you order glasses and contact lenses from us, our vision correction products are just as good as those you find at traditional opticians. Should anything go wrong with your order, know that we have a 30-day return policy and that for us, the customer is always right!

All types of glasses

Whether you're farsighted, nearsighted, have astigmatism or need prism correction, you can order your glasses from us. You can buy distance glasses, reading glasses, progressive glasses, prescription sunglasses, prescription sports glasses and contact lenses.

Nice people

We're decent folks, and we take pride in providing good customer service. Call us or send us a chat message or email, and we'll help you out with a twinkle in the eye!



The cheapest glasses around

Our goal is to offer you the cheapest possible glasses. In fact, we started our own business because we were so fed up with expensive eyewear! Hence our promise to you: we'll always have the lowest prices on glasses.

Fancy designer glasses

In addition to our most inexpensive glasses with no famous logo on the temples, we also offer exclusive brands from Italy, France and the USA, such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Gant and many others.


We also offer quick delivery (6-12 days), two years' product warranty, an insane array of frames (about 1200 models), and free shipping on orders over 60 USD.

Extra Optical - eyewear online!

Read more about Extra Optical, and view the movie about how Øystein and Ole from Trondheim, Norway started the company.